Travel Diaries: “Forgiving is not equal to Forgetting” Dachau Concentration Camp

We were in Munich from April 3-6 and we decided to go to Dachau Concentration Camp after rehearsals, which is around an hour away from Munich using the tram-train-bus. I went with Will, Gorby, Dom, Ave and Kyle and after a few minutes of deciding whether they should get the group ticket (they eventually did), off we went!

As I said in my last post, I’m an avid “fan” of two things: anything about WWII and commuting systems. Going to Dachau meant going past the Inneraum and since we were trying to rush to get there (to get to the BMW Welt on time afterwards — which was a complete failure), I had to check which routes were possible. All the other guys were just following me. I was feeling giddy HAHA

ANYWAY, while on the bus to the camp itself, we were all pretty quiet. I guess we were all anticipating what it’ll actually be like when we got there and it’s depressing to say that it was much worse. The weather decided to go along with our emotions that day and it was drizzling, windy and grey clouds loomed.


This greeted us when we got off the bus

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Travel Diaries: My Favorite Historical City, Munich, Germany

April 3-6, 2012

After a short bus ride from Oberweyer, we’ve arrived in Munich! Using the book my parents bought me (I’d recommend Let’s Go’s Europe 2012 Guide Book. It includes all the major cities around the continent), I’ve encircled so many places I wanted to go to. As I later on found out, Munich was the capital of Germany during the rise of the Nazi Party. I have this thing (okay, a pretty huge thing) about the World War II, Nazis, and Hitler. I have a bunch of books around that part in history and, although I don’t claim myself as a history buff, I’ve been and am really interested in it. So you can just imagine me roaming around the city just relishing in the history-ness. HAHA.

But first, duty called and we sang a short segment of our concert repertoire after the mass at the Filipino Catholic Mission (I forgot the exact name). I was housemates with Rina (finally a housemate!) and we travelled using the S-Bahn  Line 8 towards Herrsching. Our stop was Neuaubing. 


The map of Munich’s transportation system: S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Tram and the Bus Lines

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Facelifts and Pacts

I finally changed how my page looks like and I’m pretty satisfied! I spent quite some time looking for the background picture and how I wanted to tweak the theme I saw (which is cute, btw).

And the pact? I solemnly swear that I will actually start doing regular blogging. I think I need to continue my Euro Trip posts first (I’ve only posted one from our first stop, Oberweyer, Germany, a small town outside of Frankfurt. Click, click, click!).

I’m pretty excited with how this would turn out! 🙂

Travel Diaries: “Home Away From Home” Oberweyer, Germany

March 30 – April 2

Oberweyer’s a small town in Hessen, Germany, around 15-20 minutes away from Limburg. The Glee Club actually went here last year at the end of May and we just had to stay again this year because of the wonderful experience. It was a homey stop and it was definitely much harder to say goodbye.


The Community Center when we arrived

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