Travel Diaries: La Ville-Lumière

Oh, Paris! We were so lucky to be able to visit the City of Lights again a year after our first time. And as the last stop of our tour! It was as perfect as it sounds like 🙂


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Travel Diaries: Ciao Venezia!

Another travel post from one of our stops during the ACGC 2012 European tour — the picturesque Venezia!

We were here from April 25-27, coming from Koper, Slovenia. We only had two days to explore and breathe in the air of the “Floating City.” Venice was a powerful city during Middle Ages and Renaissance, as it was the place known for art and commerce. Its command of the water made it a force to be reckoned with during those times. Today, millions of people travel to the city a year, and Fr. Luigi, our host during our stay, told us that the city has more tourists than locals! It’s also famous for its glass-work in Murano, housing different glass factories, the Carnival of Venice using the popular Venetian masks, and of course the gondolas and its use of water transportation!


We had to take this short train ride from the bus station to go to Venice. I thought it meant going straight to the heart of Venice but I was so very wrong..

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Travel Diaries: Hung(a)ry for Budapest

I know, I know. What a lame title, but I had to try 😛

Budapest, Hungary is one of the most under-appreciated countries in Europe. You don’t often hear people having it part of their itinerary and I was glad we had a chance to enjoy the city. A little trivia: Budapest was actually two separate cities, named “Buda” and “Pest”, and was united in 1873. Isn’t that an awesome fun fact?? *kroo, kroo*

ANYWAY, we left Vienna early in the morning to reach Budapest around lunch time as we had a scheduled performance at Belvárosi Szent Anna Templom. It ended later than we expected and most of us were terribly hungry and exhausted that we all just cooped up inside the hotel, which was at the Pest area, and prepared for a big day tomorrow. We had around 10 days left until the European Grand Prix so we all had to make sure we would be ready then, both physically and mentally. Getting sick was a big no-no and as much as we wanted to go around on our first day, we didn’t want to risk it.

We had rehearsals first thing in the morning the next day until lunch time. I decided to go around the area with Dom and Gorby before our call time for another performance that night.


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Travel Diaries: Two Hours in Bratislava, Slovakia

After Easter Sunday mass in Vienna, Austria, we had the afternoon to ourselves. All the stores were closed since it was Sunday plus a holiday and there was even a short snow fall so the weather wasn’t really cooperating. Nevertheless, since we had a long day ahead, we decided to go on an adventure to… Bratislava, Slovakia!

We were actually thinking of taking a train to Prague, Czech Republic, but it would take us four hours to get there and would not have enough time to go around in time to take us back to Vienna early. So we went to the train station, saw a train to Bratislava, bought the €14 roundtrip ticket (that we later on found out, we could use for unlimited bus rides which we abused, of course) so off we went! (And this is the reason why I want to live in Europe – every country is just a train or two away)

*Remember in the movie, Eurotrip (2004), they went to Bratislava, Slovakia? It was actually filmed in Prague!


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Travel Diaries: Two visits in Vienna, Austria

I’ve been to Vienna two times, once in 2011 and another in 2012 (thank you ACGC!!). I stayed with the same hosts, the Dejelos, both times so it was more like home the second time.

I got sick towards our last days in 2012 so I wasn’t able to sightsee that much.


Of course we went to First District and shopped!

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Travel Diaries: “Forgiving is not equal to Forgetting” Dachau Concentration Camp

We were in Munich from April 3-6 and we decided to go to Dachau Concentration Camp after rehearsals, which is around an hour away from Munich using the tram-train-bus. I went with Will, Gorby, Dom, Ave and Kyle and after a few minutes of deciding whether they should get the group ticket (they eventually did), off we went!

As I said in my last post, I’m an avid “fan” of two things: anything about WWII and commuting systems. Going to Dachau meant going past the Inneraum and since we were trying to rush to get there (to get to the BMW Welt on time afterwards — which was a complete failure), I had to check which routes were possible. All the other guys were just following me. I was feeling giddy HAHA

ANYWAY, while on the bus to the camp itself, we were all pretty quiet. I guess we were all anticipating what it’ll actually be like when we got there and it’s depressing to say that it was much worse. The weather decided to go along with our emotions that day and it was drizzling, windy and grey clouds loomed.


This greeted us when we got off the bus

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Travel Diaries: My Favorite Historical City, Munich, Germany

April 3-6, 2012

After a short bus ride from Oberweyer, we’ve arrived in Munich! Using the book my parents bought me (I’d recommend Let’s Go’s Europe 2012 Guide Book. It includes all the major cities around the continent), I’ve encircled so many places I wanted to go to. As I later on found out, Munich was the capital of Germany during the rise of the Nazi Party. I have this thing (okay, a pretty huge thing) about the World War II, Nazis, and Hitler. I have a bunch of books around that part in history and, although I don’t claim myself as a history buff, I’ve been and am really interested in it. So you can just imagine me roaming around the city just relishing in the history-ness. HAHA.

But first, duty called and we sang a short segment of our concert repertoire after the mass at the Filipino Catholic Mission (I forgot the exact name). I was housemates with Rina (finally a housemate!) and we travelled using the S-Bahn  Line 8 towards Herrsching. Our stop was Neuaubing. 


The map of Munich’s transportation system: S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Tram and the Bus Lines

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