Food Chronicles: The Burgery

Whenever Gorby and I go out, we try to eat at places we’ve never been. Luckily I live in BF Homes where there are so many restaurants popping up and around the area. We decided to try out The Burgery in Aguirre Ave.


It was a quaint place, enough to serve around 12-14 people inside (it rained when we went in so the seats outside weren’t laid out). We were the only ones there and we sat in the corner where the stools were. The interiors were minimal and modern, with pictures of their food with simple words printed on them. The items in the menu were named after famous “bad boys”, tweaked to suit the food. Very clever 😉



They served burgers (of course), wings, the usual appetizers that are paired with burgers, pastas, rice meals, and sandwiches (wasn’t able to take a picture of the menu at the back). Just by looking at the description of each food, I wanted to order so many things! Aaaahhh but instead, we ordered a burger each — the Machine Gun (₱150) for me, Fat Tony (₱145) for Gorby, and Frankie Carbo (₱150).



Buzz making a cameo!


Frankie Carbo: Potato Wedges with chilli con carne, melted cheese & buffalo sauce. I think I have a new favorite!! The wedges were cooked just right, crisp outside yet soft inside. The cheese was everywhere and I love my cheese so I have no complaints on that. What I really loved was the chilli con carne inside the fries mountain, which gave all the fries equal opportunity to have chilli con carne. They should do that with nachos!


Machine Gun1/3 lbs. 100% pure beef patty, lettuce, bacon, mushroom & cheese. Another thing that I love is mushroom. And bacon. And cheese. So this burger was perfecto. I love how I could taste all the ingredients here and yet they all complimented each other. Nothing was overpowering another and the patty was cooked very well. Even the bun was enough to make me full and happy — it kept my food between the buns! (Unlike most burger chains where there isn’t enough bun to cover the food).

I wasn’t able to take a picture of Gorby’s food (he was already hungry). I wish there was more time to enjoy their food. Another burger place that I love is The BRGR Project in Maginhawa St. but The Burgery can very well replace it. The prices were student/fresh grad-friendly and hits all the right spots. I’m definitely coming back!

Rating: ★★★★★/5


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