Travel Diaries: Château de Versailles

I was able to squeeze in a trip to Versailles with my parents and a few friends before our second concert. Two things I wish we did: went earlier and took more photos. Since it was a Saturday, there were even more visitors! But the beauty of Versailles couldn’t dampen our spirits.

Short history: Versailles became the seat of power when Louis XIV moved there from Paris.  It became known as the symbol of absolute monarchy in France, where the reigning monarchs showered themselves with luxuries while the people of France were living in squalor. It’s very evident until today that nothing was too expensive or too much in designing and creating the whole château.


On our way to Versailles!




That’s the long, snaking line to go inside Versailles. There was only one entrance open that had the security machines that’s why it took so long. They’re very strict that they even weighed our backpacks!


We all started together but eventually went around by pairs. We got the taped tour guide to listen to any information we wanted so we didn’t have the read the signs in each room.


1.8 1.9


There was a church inside the palace. It was blocked off from visitors though so we couldn’t go in.

Once we reached the rooms, we couldn’t take pictures anymore! We couldn’t even push through the crowd to go right in front of each exhibit so we only took photos of the ceiling, which we could also only do in a hurry because people would push if you stood on the same spot for too long.






Hall of Mirrors


Gardens of Versailles. I wish we had the time to walk around and reach the end where Marie Antoinette’s cottage was but it was too far and there wasn’t much time 😦





Seeing these in pictures before is nothing compared to seeing it in the flesh. Even when it was right in front of me, I couldn’t comprehend how jaw-dropping everything was. You would just stare and wonder how this came to be at that time. I probably wouldn’t go back to palace the next time but I’ll be sure to laze around in the gardens on the way to the cottage of Marie Antoinette!


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