Travel Diaries: ACGC in Paris 2011

Another super throwback post: Paris at the end of May 2011 with the ACGC. We were about to hit our two-month mark in Europe when we arrived in Paris. We were on the road nearing the city centre itself and everyone was suddenly wide awake staring outside despite the traffic. How can anyone be not excited about visiting Paris for first time?!

There are so many things to cover about our Paris stop for both the 2011 and 2012 tours that for the 2011 one, I decided to have 3 posts including this one. This one will be all about the activities of the ACGC in the city 🙂


Every time anyone saw a sign that said “Paris”, someone would shout. Haha! We were that excited 🙂


If I remember correctly, this was only the second time I experienced “traffic” in Europe. It was a surprise for me 😛


Our first contact with the Eiffel Tower!!!



The Philippine Embassy in Paris




Since we would all be commuting in Paris, we had to leave our big luggages in the embassy and cram all the things we would be using for the next 4 days in the small one.


After Ate Mimi, ACGC alumna and our contact in Paris, explained to us what our itinerary looked like for the next days, we were sent to our hosts to rest and be ready for our concert the next day!

We had free time the day after and most of us went to the Louvre. We went back to the embassy after lunch for rehearsal.


Fiona bought H&M from Champs-Élysées just so she can get a bag that says Champs-Élysées..




I finally saw my parents after two months!! They were having their own European tour around the Scandinavian countries and they planned their Paris stop so they can reach me. I was with them earlier that day in the Louvre but more on that on my next post 🙂


They were with my grandparents as well who met them in Scandinavia from their trip in Russia.


My uncle and aunt with my cousins coming from London! They visited the Philippines that summer too but I wasn’t there to be with them so I was happy they passed by Paris. It was Audrey and Simon’s first time in Paris as well! 🙂



We were pretty much used to the performance routine by then, singing for various audiences from different cultures, but I missed being able to sing to our fellow kababayans. That’s what I enjoyed the most in that concert 🙂



On our way home after a successful concert!

I think we had another free morning and a part of the afternoon again the next day so I went to Château de Versailles with my family and a few friends before going back to Paris and perform in the American Church of Paris. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find photos of it so I’ll have to skip that performance.

The following day was our Holy Day. We were scheduled to sing in three different services in three different churches around Paris. It was a Sunday after all 😉 Our first stop was the American Church of Paris!


Despite being given the directions beforehand, Leslie and I got lost after getting out of the train station. We wandered along the river because we knew the church was right in front of it but we couldn’t find it. We resorted to asking around and we saw two women sitting near the river. Leslie took French back in college (she’s an alumna) so she started the conversation. Turns out, they were British tourists so they didn’t know too! Hahaha. I was trying to text the people who were already in the church but roaming was so expensive we didn’t get anywhere. So we just kept on walking. We finally saw the church! It was only on the other side of the river. Faaaaaail 😦 haha!


The American Church of Paris


We had lunch first before we left for our second service.


I had to include this photo of Gorby and I back when we were only friends. So many things have changed — Gorby doesn’t have braces anymore! Ha. Ha. 😛

We had to take the train to our next destination. We were a group of 40 and we had to make it in time for our service. Rushing tourists in Paris — I bet the French are already used to it :))





Leslie and I, my housemate for both times we were in Paris. She’s one of the reasons why Paris holds a big place in my heart 🙂




Our second church was for the Filipino community.


Alto 1 2011 (Ate Issa, Ate Glacey, Ate Abby, and I) with Mamalou





We sang a few Filipino songs for the community after the mass.


My family was there to go to mass. It was also their last full day in Paris before they hit Italy the next day so I spent the rest of the night with them after our services. More on that on my next posts.

We had to take the bus after to go to our third and last church. Getting into buses are much more of a hassle for our group than trains because we have to buy individual tickets, which would delay the departure time of the bus, irking locals 😛



We went around the Arc de Triomphe while on the bus!



After the mass, we hung around for a bit to rest before we all went out for our own adventures!


Former VPFs: Will, Ate Gutsy, Anton, Gorby, Ate Glacey


Former Presidents: Will, Ate Deepa, Ate Mimi, Ate Glacey, Miggi


Former EVPs: Mari, Ate Deepa, Lester, Ate Abby


And former VPPs: me, Eug, Ate Mimi, Miggi, Ate Nicole


The Maleta Club. Yes, everyone had their part in making sure all of the luggages (36 people x 1 big luggage each x 1 small luggage each) are organized before and after it gets in and out the bus for each stop. But these guys are the ones that haul it inside and out so that all of the luggages fit, something like solving a puzzle haha so claps for them!!!


ACGC alumni: Ate Deepa, Ate Mimi, Ate Gutsy! They were also part of the tour cast that went to Europe back in 2000 and 2001, the tour cast that qualified and also competed in the European Grand Prix! We were so thankful they were able to visit us in our short stop in Paris.

On our last day, we had a picnic at a park organized by college students from ParisTech then we had a free day after that morning. I went to Disneyland with a few people then walked around Champs-Élysées to end the night.





Our very own fashion blogger (and alto 2!), Ate Ai! 🙂

We were set to leave for Schladern, Germany the following morning.


At the beginning of the post, I said that we could only bring our small luggage around Paris. On the day we left, people were trying to repack everything! 😛


ACGC Tour Cast 2011

(c) Photos from Mari, Dom & Gorby


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