Food Chronicles: SumoSam

Last Monday, Gaby and I went on a date while waiting for our mom to finish with her seminar in Makati. A usual date consisted of lunch/dinner and a movie so that’s what we did in Greenbelt 3! World War Z wasn’t until 3:30PM so we decided to eat lunch first. We both haven’t tried SumoSam and we were both craving for Japanese (it’s always on top of everyone’s food list, right??) so in we went!


It was past regular lunch hours so there was only another young couple in the restaurant (it was Manila Day that day so I’m assuming they’re in college :P). Perfect time to eat! It was peaceful and all the servers were being attentive and nice, with smiles on their faces (+1!).

I usually order ramen at a Japanese restaurant so it wasn’t hard for me to decide — I ordered Buta Kakuni Ramen (₱318). My sister ordered Green Chicken (₱269) + Japanese Rice (₱89) and of course, how can we forget sushi? We got the Dynamite Roll (₱248) because we both love that spicy kick on our taste buds!


Check out my sister’s blog: 🙂

Our food didn’t arrive all at the same time, which was surprising because they were only serving four customers. The ramen arrived first, followed by the sushi, then the chicken.


The picture was taken right as it was brought to our table. It started out pretty good — the heat was just the right amount (meaning I didn’t need to blow it anymore). However, since the serving was big, it became cold by the time I reached the middle of the bowl and eating the meat wasn’t as enticing.


The Green Chicken was disappointing. It seemed like it was cooked fried and was sprinkled with spices. Without the sauce, it was salty already so adding it made it worse! It also became cold after a short while so my sister wasn’t able to finish it.


Good thing the sushi was delicious! We actually wished we just ordered two/three plates of sushi and we would’ve enjoyed the experience much more.

Overall, I wasn’t satisfied with the food we ordered. The food was also overpriced when I think of many other restaurants that we could’ve chosen that served better food and are priced reasonably. I would only go back to if only for the sushi but then again, there are so many other Japanese restos that serve both good ramen AND sushi.

Rating: ★★/5

SumoSam menu with locations can be found here.


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