Travel Diaries: Hong Kong Pt. 1

I went to Hong Kong from April 3-7 as my graduation celebration with my ACGC batchmates: Gorby, Miggi, Yorro, Dom and Liz. Luigi was supposed to come but a week before we were supposed to leave, his mom surprised him and his family tickets to Japan, exactly the same time as HK.

We’ve been planning this trip since first semester, around July, bought the tickets around September (for cheaper fare!) and started saving up for the trip ahead. My parents were okay with me going away with my friends but I had to pay for everything. It wasn’t easy but I helped my mom find contacts for insurance, saved my allowance (no matter how little) and grad money and I was good to go!

Our flight was at 7:20AM, April 3, in Clark, Pampanga (DMIA), and so we all decided to meet up at Gorby’s place the night before. We took the bus from the Trinoma Airport Lounge, which has bus trips that directly travel to the airport. Since we weren’t able to book the bus tickets earlier (long story short, although their service was very convenient, they have a very unreliable staff that all answered differently. I was told to contact them a week in advance to the start of April until we were eventually told that they don’t accept reservations. WHUT), we were advised to go there as early as possible so Miggi fetched us at Gorby’s house around 1AM. We waited until the bus arrived at 3:15 (we played 94s to pass time) and we arrived DMIA around 4:30.

The last time I took a flight out of the country from DMIA was in 2010 when my family and I went to Singapore. Sadly, nothing changed — no improvements whatsoever. It was such a busy airport that early in the morning that I really wish the government would pay more attention to it so that it can be improved.

*My phone broke on our third day in HK and when I tried to have it fixed when I got back, I was told that my files have been deleted. Photos from Liz and Dom


At the “boarding gate”. It looked like a make-shift gate. You wouldn’t even know that it was the gate because it was right beside where the food stalls were and the washrooms. But nothing can bring us down, not even lack of sleep!!


We “saw” Luigi at the airport, with his usual “tablecloth” polo and fedora!


Before boarding


Touchdown HKIA!


On the Airport Express. It connected the airport to the train lines. How convenient!





Riding the Tsuen Wan line to our hotel in Nathan Rd 🙂

Our hotel didn’t look like one on the outside but it was perfect for us cheap, travel loving students. I’d certainly go back and book rooms there again if I had the chance to! It was also in the middle of the city, with the Jordan station just beside it, so it had the perfect location. Check it out: City Econo Guesthouse.

We stayed in our rooms for about an hour to rest and decided to eat lunch somewhere near our place called “New Forest Restaurant.” It was lunch hour so there were a lot of people going in and out. Gorby and I separated from the rest as they didn’t have a table big enough for all of us. I ordered cold iced lemon tea and Chili Ramen with Scallops but since my phone broke ( 😥 ), here’s a picture of Liz’s food.



It was a rainy day in HK so we had to redo our itinerary on the spot. We decided to check the famous Clock Tower then go from there.




HK Skyline




1881 Heritage used to be the HQ of the HK Marine Police, from 1880s to 1996, situated near Victoria Harbor. It’s now a shopping mall, hotel and has an exhibition hall.


The Clock Tower! It’s located near the southern shore of Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. It used to be connected to the original Kowloon Station and became a monument in 1990.


We stayed at the promenade by the Clock Tower and enjoyed the foggy view. We also took lots of photos!







The front of The Clock Tower



How I wish we had the time to go inside this museum


There was an Andy Warhol exhibit!


The girls


And the boys


Since we were near the shopping places and it started to rain, we decided to check them out and let the rain pass. At around 4:30PM, we passed through Kowloon Park to go back to our place and rest a bit before dinner at 6PM.



We were supposed to go to Piggy Grill near Sham Shui Po station, found out it was closed, and rejoiced because we were able to try HK Street Food aka “turo-turo” in the Philippines





Who ate it better? (L-R, T-B: me, Gorby, Liz, Yorro, Dom, Miggi)


Milk tea was EVERYWHERE and so we had to try it. Now I think I’m back to my Milk Tea phase


We decided we were still hungry and went in one of the small restaurants at the surrounding area and ordered food for sharing.





After dinner, we checked out two street markets: Temple Street and Ladies Market. This time, we split the group in half because Miggi, Dom and Yorro wanted to do something else (and ended up staying at the hotel :P). It was disappointing to see that both markets were nothing compared to our own night markets/Divi and BKK shopping! Liz and I left empty-handed save for a few make-up items from Sasa (which had a branch on every block).





A European street performer. I swear, he did not have any underwear on *cringe* There were actually a lot of performers that night but this one was the only performer we were able to catch before he started.

We left to go home around 10:30PM and saw a small photobooth by the MTR station. We made Gorby take one with our choosing.



Ain’t he sexy!!!!! HAHA

That was our first day. Barely enough sleep but our excitement pushed us to maximize the day. Although the rain made us rethink our plan for that day, we enjoyed it nonetheless — especially the food!

Pt. 2 and 3 here and here


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