Travel Diaries: Day trip to Macau (HK Pt. 2)

For our second day in Hong Kong (first day here and third day here), we decided to go to Macau which was an hour away by ferry. When I was planning our itinerary, I couldn’t find a direct link to any information about Macau’s public transport and decided to just jot down the places we should go to. Bad idea. I should’ve planed out our route to the minute detail as we were so lost by the time our ferry stopped at the port. Thankfully the signs were all in Portuguese, which is somewhat near Spanish and that Liz took basic Portuguese in college that it wasn’t too hard to learn where to go. Macau also had wifi everywhere and with the help of mobile maps and the actual map (c/o Dom), we were able to navigate through Macau.



We were seated in economy class at the very front left. The waves were pretty strong since it was another cloudy and rainy day, which made us all dizzy so we slept it off.

Touchdown Macau! The arrival area made it convenient for visitors that have already booked their accommodations because hotel buses were parked, ready to shuttle them to the city.


Waiting for bus #18


We honestly didn’t know which stop to go down to. When we knew we were in Downtown Macau already, we stepped off the bus and began planning our route.


Had to post these pictures because these two were so cute that day! Matching preppy clothes


We visited our first temple accidentally, haha! After trying to understand Macau map through actual and mobile maps, we realized there was a temple just across where we were. I forgot the name of it though.


Yet another picture of me and Gorby and him not listening to my “fun facts” *sigh*

After visiting the temple, we followed the sign towards Ruins of St. Paul and saw this.


Finally, hordes of people!!


Ruins of St. Paul. There were so many people that day, we didn’t go near it anymore. The Ruins was actually a part of St. Paul’s College and Cathedral of St. Paul back in the 16th century. It was a Portuguese cathedral dedicated to St. Paul, Mater Dei. It was built by the Jesuits from 1582 to 1602 and was once the largest Catholic church in Asia. It was destroyed by fire during a typhoon in 1835.



We walked until we reached Senado Square and found St. Dominic’s Church. Three Spanish Dominican priests were in charge of its construction in 1587. It’s the oldest Church in Macau.



A Abelha da China (The China Bee) was the first Portuguese language newspaper in China and it was published in this church. The church was renovated in 1997 and a museum was created at the back.



Senado Square


We walked towards Leal Senado Building, which was across the street. When Macau was still a Portuguese colony, the building used to house the government. It was built in 1784 and it is now the HQ of the Institute of Civic and Municipal Affairs.






After the Leal Senado Building, which was around 3PM, we decided to head back to Hong Kong to catch the 8PM Tsim Sha Tsui Symphony of Lights after dinner but Yorro wanted to visit another temple called Na Tcha Temple, which was beside Ruins of St. Paul.




Yorro being our tour guide


Miggi perfecting the Asian pose!


Unfortunately, it was closed for renovations but there was a small museum just beside it. The Buddhist and Taoist temple was built in 1888 and is dedicated to Na Tcha, a deity.



The back of Ruins of St. Paul

We took bus #18 back to Taipa Ferry Terminal and took almost an hour. We arrived at the terminal only to find out we should’ve gotten our ticket back to HK earlier because it was by reservation! The only time of departure that had tickets left when we arrived was at 1AM 😦 so we stood in the standby line, where they allowed passengers with a later departure time to board earlier trips if there were seats left. We haven’t eaten the whole day except for some sandwiches and tarts we saw by the street. We were starving and waiting in line didn’t help. Good thing I bought pork squares (I don’t know what it was called), Liz had nori and Gorby had a bottle of water left. We made nori pork sandwiches and shared this with water among the six of us. Yes, we were that desperate. Hahahaha. Thankfully we were able to board the 6:30PM ferry back to HK!


All of us, except for Miggi, were bumped up to First Class, which actually wasn’t that different from economy. Haha but we were thankful for wider seats.


The Nori Pork sandwich

We arrived HK around 7:30, finished immigration around 8 and found out we were dropped off at the Tsim Sha Tsui port, which wasn’t where we left earlier in the morning. Exhausted and terribly hungry, we went back to our place to drop off our things and hunted down a place nearby. We ordered family style — Dom, Gorby, Liz and I — and I think we ordered too much (which surprised my tummy) and I felt a bit sick after dinner that we decided to skip Victoria’s Peak and went back to the hotel.


Miggi and Yorro were the ones displaced that night


HK Style Fried Rice


Mixed Seafood Hot Pot


Fried Squid with the perfect sauce


Beef with Bok Choy


Day 2 OOTD 🙂

As much as I enjoyed getting lost in Macau, I wouldn’t go back there again. I think Macau is more known for its casino night life and I’m not really a fan of watching people gamble (and I don’t know how these games are played haha). My grandma has been to Macau a couple of times and when I told her the places we went to, she said those were basically the spots to be visited in Macau. I wouldn’t say it was worth the cost of the roundtrip ferry tickets (around HK$350) but at least I’m able to say I’ve been there. Check off the country list!


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