Four Months ’til the End

I’ve already blogged about how my October to November was but I wasn’t able to continue it until (almost) the end of senior year. So.. here’s what happened to my December, January, February and March.


21st Birthday

I didn’t have a choice with my immersion schedule so I was in Nueva Ecija when the clock struck 12 on Dec. 2, sleeping. I know it wasn’t the most ideal way to spend a birthday but I’ve had worse. Haha anyway, I decided to spend my birthday two different ways.

02 Dec Birthday 1.0

One was two days before I left for immersion (Nov. 26) with the ACGC seniors in Tomato Kick. Our first complete picture!

02 Dec Birthday 1.1

And dinner with my family at a Korean restaurant in BF after my immersion. Too bad we weren’t able to take a picture together but here’s a picture of L’s surprise birthday cake, which her mom delivered to my house! HAHA

02 Dec Birthday 1.2

I got sick a few days after my birthday but I just wanted to post this birthday greeting posted in the ACGC groups. Hihi I loved it! (thanks Gorby 🙂 )

The day we got our PAC shirts

03 Dec Random 1.0

Just wanted to wear it to promote PACisama 2012!

Random Starbucks nights

03 Dec Random 1.1

We had caroling almost every single day for December and I had free time to spend before going home.

Ateneo Simbanggabi

Every year, the ACGC sings for one Simbanggabi mass in Ateneo. It’s probably one of my favorite traditions as part of the group because I live far from Ateneo (Parañaque) and therefore, I can’t attend Simbaggabi in school for 9 days straight. Ateneo lights up when it gets dark and it becomes even more beautiful.

04 Dec Simbanggabi 1.0

Church of the Gesu in the day

04 Dec Simbanggabi 1.1

Church of the Gesu at night 🙂

04 Dec Simbanggabi 1.2

Beautiful Christmas-y Ateneo 🙂

04 Dec Simbanggabi 1.3

The girls I used to live with for the past two European tours! What do we all have in common? We all live far! Haha Liz and I in Parañaque and Fiona and Geli near Fairview. At the start of January 2011 and 2012, tour rehearsals became more grueling and we knew we needed to dorm already. In 2011, I stayed in the dorm with Geli and Fiona and Liz in 2012.


Probably the highlight of all ACGC members and trainees every year is the caroling season. Our December calendar is full of carolings around Metro Manila! Christmas songs, food — lots of lechon and paella, bonding moments with the ACGC.

05 Dec Caroling 1.0

05 Dec Caroling 1.1

05 Dec Caroling 1.2

05 Dec Caroling 1.3

Many times we were with Fr. Dacanay and yes, that’s alcohol 😉 one of the many perks of having him as a moderator!

05 Dec Caroling 1.4

We also had a benefit concert at the Lung Center for the St. Camillus Missionary group

05 Dec Caroling 1.5

ACGC ExeCom 2012-2013

Tantoco Caroling

I had to put this in a separate category because it’s the caroling day that ACGC always anticipates. We sing for their family every year and we feel more at home each time. Performing for them is something that we’re always excited about and we’re glad we get the opportunity to do so.

06 Dec Tantoco Caroling 1.0

Fr. Dacanay and all his students in ACGC! It’s actually somewhat an unwritten rule that all ACGC juniors have to take him for Th131. I had to do manual revision just to be able to enlist in his class because all his slots were full by the time I enlisted. It was worth it though, to be able to get to know him even more especially during the caroling season (stuck in car rides with him and seeing him almost every single day) and after passing his class HAHA, he’s truly one of the most inspiring Jesuits I know and I’m lucky to have had the chance to meet him.

06 Dec Tantoco Caroling 1.1

06 Dec Tantoco Caroling 1.2

06 Dec Tantoco Caroling 1.4

06 Dec Tantoco Caroling 1.5

ACGC Seniors 2012-2013 (we’re really clingy)

Christmas 2012

It always starts with Noche Buena at Mommy’s place with her oh-so-wonderful cooking, taking family photos, opening gifts and moving to our house to open more gifts. I always love Christmas!

07 Dec Christmas 1.0

07 Dec Christmas 1.1

07 Dec Christmas 1.2

07 Dec Christmas 1.3

We even Skype-d with Tita Karen, Tito Ainsworth and Baby Austin all the way from Dallas, Texas!

07 Dec Christmas 1.4


Random Days

08 Jan Random 1.0

Started off the year with a date with Michelle and Kara around BF. Realized we’re really growing up..

08 Jan Random 1.1

08 Jan Random 1.2

So someone surprised me with a balloon. Kythe was selling balloons as fundraising for the whole week and I really wanted one to bring around the whole day in school. As I was leaving my Theo class, someone called my name and when I turned around, I see a yellow Jake balloon! My day was made 🙂

08 Jan Random 1.3

One Sunday morning, I fell asleep in the living room with our dog, Cheska. Ain’t she adorable?!

09 Jan Random 1.4

For our Valentine’s Concert, the Concert Committee decided to hold shoots depicting different couples from different eras. Gorby and I were put into the modern time and we tried doing a “fun, running” scene but we really couldn’t hahahaha

ACGC YES (Year-End Status) Presentation

Every January, each org in the Ateneo is required to submit a report about everything that happened in the org for the past year. This is then presented to a panel consisting of the moderator, formators and student leaders, which will then decide if the org is still accredited, etc. This year, Gorby, Kyle and I were the ones who presented for the ACGC. I was nervous before the report because I really didn’t know what to expect because it was my first time. But it ended really well and I’m excited for what’s in store for the GC.

09 Jan YES 1.0

Gorby practicing his speech

09 Jan YES 1.1

09 Jan YES 1.2


3rd Ateneo Model United Nations

When I was in International School Bangkok back in 8th and 9th grade, I’ve always wanted to join MUN but I didn’t have the courage to. When I moved back to the Philippines, we didn’t have MUN in high school. I’ve been meaning to join it since freshman year in Ateneo but I was just really too busy with ACGC because of the tours and being an officer, until this year when we were finally required for class. Although many things could’ve been better, it was a great experience getting involved with politics and understanding how the country you’re representing works.

10 Feb MUN

ACGC Seniors Sleepover

Not enough pictures because we were too busy discussing. Haha. Ended at 5AM with Mari, Miggi and Liz singing Les Miserables (what a Glee Club thing to do). Woke up at 7AM, left at 12:30 for lunch and hurried to GC rehearsal at 2PM. Deads HAHA

11 Feb Sleepover 1.0

Liz and Miggi

11 Feb Sleepover 1.2

Take #1

11 Feb Sleepover 1.3

Take #2

11 Feb Sleepover 1.5

Take #3

Mamalou’s Birthday

12 Feb GC

Of course we had to surprise her! And some of the alumni even came so it was a small reunion as well. Happy birthday Mamalou! 🙂

Date Night

13 Feb Dates 1.0

13 Feb Dates 1.1

Went out on a date with two of my closest friends in high school, Inah and Jesso, in Cafe Breton in Westgate. Juancho decided to tag along! Haha wish there was always time to spend with those two 😦

Valentine’s Day

I rode with Ian to school because Gorby wanted to have lunch before his 12NN class. The whole time Ian was driving, he kept on texting. I thought it was Trisha he was texting but when we got Katipunan, he said he wanted to pass by her condo to leave her VDay surprise. So I wondered who he kept on texting because he usually doesn’t text that much while driving. When we got to the school parking, it was almost full already but he went to the side and said he was just waiting for someone so he texted again and started looking around. I looked in front and saw Gorby looking for something while holding one huge rose in his hand and chocolates HAHAHAHA surprise fail! I called him using Ian’s phone and told him where we were hahaha but yay for the rose!! 🙂 We practically ate the whole day + serenaded Mon for Luigi with the other GC people aaand the post-Valentines surprise Gorby did = it was a happy, kilig week for me 🙂

14 Feb Dates 1.2


Seniors Pabaon

16 Mar Pabaon

I’ve been to Pabaon so many times before because the Glee Club always sings the National Anthem and Song for Mary in the event. I already knew what was going to happen and I wasn’t excited anymore. I was completely wrong. It actually hits you when you’re already the one Ateneo is saying goodbye to 😦

Pancake House’s Red Velvet pancakes

17 Mar Random 1.0

Because we were all so busy during finals week, we celebrated with Pancake House’s pancakes! I’m not really fond of sweet things but this was surprisingly good!

ACGC Voice Recital

Sir Chris, our vocal coach, wanted to hold individual voice lessons to all undergrads (meaning, no seniors) of the ACGC, which culminated with the recital. Hearing the individual voices of each of our members (and the fact that it was the first time we were part of the audience already..) brought tears to my eyes. I could still remember the first time I saw them during the auditions and seeing them grow into the organization.. I’m such a cry baby.


I’m so proud of them! I know we’re leaving the GC with capable hands and I can’t wait to see them show the world what they can do 🙂


Dinner with some TourCast Members

All because Cas wanted the Slovenian chocolate from Nicole.. Haha!

17 Mar Random 1.1

17 Mar Random 1.2

Because this girl is so special to me.. Hi Liz, we’re matching! I don’t need to be madrama anymore, I already posted it on Facebook 😛


I end this post with this cutie patootie. Guess who.

It’s graduation week this week (March 18-23) for all the seniors: grad rehearsals, grad music rehearsals, Blue Roast, SOH minor awarding, Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement Address with Cardinal Tagle!!, and of course, college graduation. It’s almost over!


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