First and Last: Once Upon a Valentine

Last Feb. 18, 2013 was my last concert with the Ateneo College Glee Club as a student. Funny coincidence, my first major concert with the group was also for Valentine’s Day. It was a fitting way to end my four-year stay with the choir, having gone through the “three stages”: regular school year, two tour years and starting over.

The theme of the concert centered around singing about love throughout the years. Kundiman to the 20s, 40s, Elvis, The Beatles, URIAN Medley, some dancing, Wicked’s For Good — it was a different kind of ACGC but it was fun nonetheless. It was also the first major concert of the new batch of ACGC members and I’m glad they had the chance to do this as well, just like when we had ours at the end of freshman year.

OUAV 1.0

OUAV 1.1

OUAV 1.2

ACGC alumni getting the best seats in the house! Can’t believe we’ll also be part of the audience next time 😦

OUAV 1.3

OUAV 1.4

OUAV 1.5

OUAV 1.6

I just had to put this here — probably the most kilig thing anyone has done for me, and in front of our friends too! I was embarrassed but happy was more of the dominant feeling 😛 Thanks for the post-Valentines surprise Gorby 🙂 🙂

OUAV 1.7

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

OUAV 1.8

OUAV 2.1

OUAV 2.2

Yay for ACGC alumni! So so so happy they were there 🙂

OUAV 2.4

European Tourcasts of 2006, 2011 and 2012 🙂

OUAV 2.5

Dinner with my family at Kenny’s Katipunan

OUAV 2.6

And of course my #1 group. Thanks for being 95% present in all of my ACGC performances since freshman year and for all the support. It’s always 100% better when you guys are there watching 🙂

*Most photos from Irvs Redor


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