Travel Diaries: Two Hours in Bratislava, Slovakia

After Easter Sunday mass in Vienna, Austria, we had the afternoon to ourselves. All the stores were closed since it was Sunday plus a holiday and there was even a short snow fall so the weather wasn’t really cooperating. Nevertheless, since we had a long day ahead, we decided to go on an adventure to… Bratislava, Slovakia!

We were actually thinking of taking a train to Prague, Czech Republic, but it would take us four hours to get there and would not have enough time to go around in time to take us back to Vienna early. So we went to the train station, saw a train to Bratislava, bought the €14 roundtrip ticket (that we later on found out, we could use for unlimited bus rides which we abused, of course) so off we went! (And this is the reason why I want to live in Europe – every country is just a train or two away)

*Remember in the movie, Eurotrip (2004), they went to Bratislava, Slovakia? It was actually filmed in Prague!



Dom and Abby


Liz and Cas

Bratislava is an hour away from Vienna. There wasn’t much scenery on the way there. Thanks to Annabel and Jackie’s 3G internet sharing, we were able to pass the time quickly.


When we got off the train, we really had no idea where to go. It was such a spontaneous decision, we didn’t even know what sights Bratislava had :))


Liz and I on a random bus outside the train station



With Abby and Cas



We decided to walk around and let the city sink in (silently hoping we find a place where there were shops open because it was coooooold). The city felt deserted since it was a Sunday and although the buildings looked a bit dilapidated, I still found it charming.

When we finally reached a main road, we saw that across the street was the old town but there were no pedestrian lanes so we had to take the bus. We didn’t know how the buses worked and we couldn’t understand the posters in the bus stop so following intuition, we just decided to ride the next bus.

Our intuition was wrong that day. The bridge we crossed was Nový most (Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising or the New Bridge) which is a bridge over the river Danube. In the middle of it was a tower called “UFO.” Across the bridge was the city itself and as we were nearing it, we all knew it was mistake. Haha.


We decided to go down the first stop, went under the bridge to go to the opposite side and started walking back to the Old Town. In this picture, you can see the UFO Tower at the back.


Finally we reached the Old Town and started walking! Cobblestones and old buildings, love them 🙂


With my host sister, Annabel


With the Dejelos, Jackie and Annabel, and Liz


Old Town’s main square


Ironically, we took a picture of this while waiting for our train back to Vienna.

It was about to rain and the temperature was dropping yet again so the weather was becoming unbearable. Although the time was short to explore the whole of Bratislava, good thing we were able to go around the Old Town even for awhile.

Bucketlist #43: Spontaneously hop on a train to randomly go somewhere in Europe ✔

*Some pictures from Dom Bulan and Liz Arcega


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